The Birth of Love

On this page, I am listing various resources which may be of interest to expecting families and new families. I will list businesses, books and links that I feel comfortable endorsing and sharing with clients, since I have had personal experience with them. By listing a link on my page, it does not mean that I am affiliated with these companies or products.

Attachment Parenting: *Gladly promoting a child-centered approach of parenting!*

Attachment Parenting International

Dr. Sears - The famous pediatrician and author has a fantastic website with TONS of resources. Check out any of his books!


La Leche League International - Dedicated to mothers helping mothers with breastfeeding. This organization has been in existence for over 50 years and is the leading source of evidence-based information and support for breastfeeding mothers!

Find an IBCLC (Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant) Here!

- One of the most fantastic websites for breastfeeding moms. A great place to go for a quick reference to your breastfeeding questions!

Dr.Jack Newman's WebsiteA Fantastic resource for breastfeeding mothers with well-written articles and great VIDEOS demonstrating proper latch and other breastfeeding techniques.

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